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Tiffany Jenkins is a notable figure in the US, celebrated for her work as a creator, blogger, and public speaker. What separates her will be her transparency in examining points like habit and emotional well-being, starting significant discussions that resound with a large number. 

Through her blog, “Shuffling the Jenkins,” and her dynamic presence via online entertainment, Tiffany has fabricated a faithful following anxious to draw in with her own encounters and experiences. As we close to 2024, there’s developing interest in Tiffany Jenkins’ monetary standing and how she’s made progress. This article expects to investigate her excursion, from her kinds of revenue to the way that drove her to unmistakable quality in her field.

Tiffany Jenkins Divorce

The online world has been buzzing with rumors about Tiffany Jenkins, the much-loved motivational speaker, bestselling author, and someone who’s faced and overcome addiction. Speculation has been rife about whether her marriage to Drew Jenkins is on the rocks.

After months of swirling gossip, Drew has decided to speak up and share the truth about their relationship. This candid revelation is expected to provide insight into their journey together, from their struggles with addiction recovery to how they found love and forged a life together against all odds.

Who is Tiffany Jenkins? 

Tiffany Jenkins is a notable American essayist, blogger, and public speaker, celebrated for her open discussions about fixation and emotional wellness. She’s made very much a name for herself through her blog, “Shuffling the Jenkins,” and her dynamic presence via online entertainment. 

Tiffany was brought into the world on September 22, 1985, and that implies she’s currently 37 years of age.In her own life, Tiffany is hitched to Drew Jenkins. Their story is profoundly entwined with their battles and wins over enslavement and recuperation. Drew has been portrayed as a mainstay of help all through Tiffany’s excursion. While the article doesn’t dig profoundly into Drew’s experience and profession, obviously he assumes a huge part in Tiffany’s life.

Tiffany Jenkins Biography

Tiffany Jenkins stands apart as perhaps of the most dearest and monetarily fruitful persuasive orator. Brought into the world on September 22, 1985, in the US, she has dazzled crowds with her extraordinary way to deal with handling serious subjects like enslavement through humor. 

Tiffany’s ascent to distinction came as she courageously utilized parody to separate the shame encompassing compulsion, acquiring her appearances on esteemed public syndicated programs like The Today Show and The Specialists. In her excursion, Tiffany has been open about her own battles with enslavement, alongside individual speaker Chris Herren. Their trustworthiness and ability to share individual encounters have reverberated profoundly with crowds, further establishing Tiffany’s standing as a moving figure in the field of persuasive talking.


Full Real NameTiffany Jenkins
Family NameN/A
ProfessionComedian and Content Creator
Date Of BirthSeptember 22nd, 1985
Age37 Years Old
BirthdaySeptember 22nd
Year Of Birth1985
Nick NameTiffany
Current ResidenceN/A

Tiffany Jenkins Education

Tiffany’s senior year of high school was tough. Despite her previous role as captain of the cheerleading team, it ended on a disappointing note. While we wait for more details, we’re committed to updating Tiffany’s story with any additional information that comes to light.

Tiffany Jenkins Age

Tiffany Jenkins came into the world on September 22, 1985, which means that as of 2024, she’s 37 years young.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact height and weight details for Tiffany Jenkins at the moment. However, we’ll be sure to update you on those as soon as we get the information.

Tiffany Jenkins Early Life

Tiffany Jenkins experienced childhood in Sarasota, Florida, confronting a few difficult stretches en route. Since early on, she struggled with compulsion and emotional well-being issues, which made life very testing. However, notwithstanding those battles, Tiffany didn’t allow them to characterize her. All things being equal, she turned her life around and utilized her own encounters to help other people who were going through comparable difficulties.

Tiffany Jenkins Family

Family means everything to Emily Compagno. As a proud mother of three children, she holds her role as a parent above all else. Even though she’s gained attention for her legal analysis and sports commentary, Emily’s true joy comes from being a mom.She keeps her own life hidden, however you can see her devotion to her family in all that she does. Regardless of the bustling life in the media, Emily generally puts her kids first, ensuring they have a cherishing and strong climate to develop and prosper in.

Tiffany Jenkins Career

Tiffany Jenkins is something other than an entertainer and virtual entertainment star – she’s a force to be reckoned with of ability and humor. Her excursion to acclaim started with humble starting points, sharing recordings on Facebook that before long grabbed the eye of crowds around the world. Be that as it may, Tiffany didn’t stop there. On her site, “Shuffling The Jenkins,” she began sharing entertaining yet astute posts about nurturing in 2017. 

Her remarkable mix of humor and shrewdness immediately made her a #1 among guardians all over the place. Before her internet based fame, Tiffany maintained odd sources of income, including tending to tables and working for a rug firm. In any case, it was the point at which one of her recordings became famous online that she understood her actual calling. 

She abandoned her parttime gigs to seek after her energy for publishing content to a blog full-time. With her irresistible comical inclination, Tiffany progressed into parody, turning into a sought-after humorist and podcaster. In 2019, she accomplished one more achievement by distributing her collection of memoirs, “Successful person,” which turned into a smash hit quickly. 

Today, Tiffany Jenkins is an easily recognized name, known for her mind and appeal as well as for her legitimacy and appeal. She’s not only a substance maker – she’s a motivation to millions, demonstrating that with humor and assurance, the sky is the limit.

Tiffany Jenkins Net Worth

Starting around 2024, Tiffany Jenkins hasn’t freely shared her total assets, however one thing’s without a doubt – she’s stirred things up in the diversion world. Her excursion to progress began with her blog, “Shuffling the Jenkins,” where she focuses on her own battles with enslavement and emotional wellness. 

Through her open narrating and engaging humor, Tiffany has caught the hearts of many, prompting appearances on public Programs like The Today Show and The Specialists. Yet, she didn’t stop there – in 2019, she wrote her collection of memoirs, “Successful person,” which turned into a hit in a matter of moments. 

While we may not have the foggiest idea about the specific digits in her ledger, most would agree that Tiffany’s different vocation as a comic, content maker, powerful orator, and creator has brought her huge monetary achievement. Her effect on the universe of diversion and her capacity to interface with individuals on an individual level say a lot about her achievements.

Who Is Tiffany Jenkins’ Husband Drew Jenkins?

At the core of Tiffany’s inspiring journey is her husband, Drew Jenkins. Their paths crossed in a remarkable way, as both battled with addiction.While the specific snapshot of their most memorable gathering stays a secret, some estimate that it occurred during their common battles, potentially while looking for treatment. In 2014, Tiffany and Drew pursued a bold choice to cement their obligation to one another by getting hitched. 

In spite of little being had some significant awareness of Drew’s experience and calling, one thing is sure – his unflinching help plays had a vital impact in Tiffany’s prosperity as a persuasive orator, creator, and backer for compulsion recuperation. Their bond fills in as a demonstration of the force of affection and versatility in beating life’s difficulties.


  • Tiffany Jenkins is a renowned American author, blogger, and public speaker, known for her candid discussions about addiction and mental health.
  • She gained popularity through her blog, “Juggling the Jenkins,” and her active presence on social media.
  • Born on September 22, 1985, Tiffany is currently 37 years old as of 2024.
  • Tiffany is married to Drew Jenkins, with their relationship intertwined with their struggles and triumphs over addiction and recovery.
  • Tiffany has been open about her personal battles with addiction, along with fellow speaker Chris Herren.
  • Her rise to fame came through her unique approach of using humor to tackle serious topics like addiction, earning her appearances on national talk shows such as The Today Show and The Doctors.
  • Tiffany’s autobiography, “High Achiever,” published in 2019, became a bestseller in the United States.


Tiffany Jenkins is a prominent figure in the US, known for her work as an author, blogger, and public speaker. Born on September 22, 1985, she has garnered a significant following through her blog, “Juggling the Jenkins,” where she openly discusses addiction and mental health. Tiffany’s marriage to Drew Jenkins is an integral part of her story, with their relationship deeply intertwined with their struggles and triumphs over addiction and recovery. Despite facing personal challenges, Tiffany has risen to prominence by using humor to tackle serious issues like addiction, earning her widespread recognition and opportunities in the media.


What is Tiffany Jenkins known for?

Tiffany Jenkins is known for her candid discussions about addiction and mental health, primarily through her blog, “Juggling the Jenkins,” and her social media presence.

How old is Tiffany Jenkins?

Tiffany Jenkins was born on September 22, 1985, making her 37 years old as of 2024.

Who is Tiffany Jenkins married to?

Tiffany Jenkins is married to Drew Jenkins, whose support has been instrumental in her journey as a motivational speaker, author, and advocate for addiction recovery.

What is Tiffany Jenkins’ autobiography?

Tiffany Jenkins’ autobiography is titled “High Achiever,” published in 2019, which became a bestseller in the United States.

Has Tiffany Jenkins appeared on any national talk shows?

Yes, Tiffany Jenkins has appeared on national talk shows such as The Today Show and The Doctors, where she has shared her personal experiences and insights on addiction and mental health.

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