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Tharita Cesaroni is a refined Italian lady celebrated for her commitments as a film maker and cinematographer. Notwithstanding, she’s maybe best perceived as the life partner of the prestigious American entertainer and artist, Dermot Mulroney. Their association has endured north of 10 years and has favored them with three youngsters.

In the domain of filmmaking, Tharita has cut out her own way through sheer assurance and exertion. Her ability behind the camera has been obvious in various ventures, acquiring her commendation and affirmation inside the business.

Tharita Cesaroni Net Worth

Tharita Cesaroni has truly left an imprint in the film business with her remarkable abilities in filmmaking and cinematography. Therefore, she’s brought in a lot of cash, assessed to be between $1 million and $2 million. Individuals frequently wonder about superstars’ riches, however it’s critical to comprehend that making motion pictures is an exorbitant and work concentrated process.

Tharita’s income mirror the commitment and exertion she invests into her energy behind the camera, molding the narratives that dazzle crowds around the world. While cash is much of the time a subject of conversation, it’s her ability and enthusiasm for narrating that genuinely characterize her value in the entertainment world.

By the day’s end, Tharita’s capacity to revive stories and transport watchers into various universes makes her commitments priceless, a long ways past any financial method.

Who is Tharita Cesaroni?

Tharita Cesaroni hails from the dynamic city of Milan, Italy, brought into the world in 1973. With a skill for narrating from the perspective of a camera, Tharita tracked down her bringing in the entertainment world. As a film maker and cinematographer, she assumes a vital part in rejuvenating stories on the big screen and catching stunning minutes.

While Tharita’s abilities have acquired her acknowledgment around the world, she is most broadly known as the accomplice of Dermot Mulroney, the acclaimed entertainer and performer. Tharita’s enthusiasm for filmmaking radiates through in her work, where she teams up with groups to make charming motion pictures that resound with crowds. Her devotion and expertise make her a champion figure in the realm of film.

Tharita Cesaroni Early Life

Tharita Cesaroni entered the world in the clamoring city of Milan, Italy, in 1973. In the same way as other kids, she partook in a commonplace childhood loaded up with play, learning, and investigation. Experiencing childhood in Milan, a city famous for its rich workmanship and history, Tharita ended up encompassed by motivation every step of the way.

Since early on, Tharita’s curious nature drove her to investigate different interests, in the end igniting her interest with the universe of film. Notwithstanding her possible distinction and progress in the entertainment world, Tharita’s process started unassumingly, determined by youth dreams and a significant love for narrating.

Her way from an inquisitive youth to a refined film maker and cinematographer fills in as a demonstration of the force of assurance and energy in understanding one’s desires.


Full NameTharita Catulle Fonseca da Silva
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1973
Place of BirthMilan, Italy
OccupationFilm director and producer
SpouseDermot Mulroney (m. 2008)

Tharita Cesaroni Education

Tharita Cesaroni sought after her enthusiasm for filmmaking by going to a lofty establishment where she procured a Graduate degree in film creation. This cutting-edge degree of schooling outfitted her with the abilities and information expected to succeed in the realm of film.

Her process drove her to the College of Southern California, situated in the core of Los Angeles, a center eminent for its commitments to the entertainment world. Here, Tharita had the chance to gain from old pros and drench herself in a climate committed to the craft of filmmaking.

Her time at USC was instrumental in forming her profession, giving her significant experiences into camera work, scene course, and the complexities of creating convincing movies. Through her schooling, Tharita sharpened her gifts and set herself up for an effective profession in the film world.

Tharita Cesaroni Height

Tharita Cesaroni is not just talented at making movies; she also has a specific look. She is not very tall, standing somewhere between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 4 and a half inches. That means in centimetres, she is between 163 and 164 cm tall. She is also quite light, weighing about 115 pounds, which is the same as 52 kg.

Tharita has dark brown hair that matches her dark brown eyes. This information helps us imagine what she looks like, even though what’s most important is the work she does and the stories she helps tell through her movies.

Tharita Cesaroni Personal life

Tharita Cesaroni’s own life mirrors the impact of her family, especially her folks, Emy Cesaroni and Franco Catullé. Emy, known for her gifts in singing and acting, presented Tharita to the universe of diversion since early on. Growing up encompassed by her mom’s showbiz world probably energized Tharita’s affection for films and narrating.

While Emy Cesaroni is all the more openly perceived, not much is commonly had some significant awareness of Tharita’s dad, Franco Catullé. Notwithstanding, his critical effect on Tharita’s life is clear, as he offered relentless help for her fantasies and goals, supporting her inventive soul and empowering her to seek after her interests.

Tharita’s folks imparted in her the significance of following her senses and endeavoring to accomplish her objectives. With such imaginative and steady guardians close by, Tharita plays prevailed in her part in the diversion world today, keeping a nearby bond with her family while embracing her vocation in filmmaking and cinematography.

Tharita Cesaroni Family

Tharita Cesaroni owes a great deal to her folks, Emy Cesaroni and Franco Catullé, who assumed huge parts in molding her into the individual she is today. Her mom, Emy Cesaroni, is famous for her charming singing and acting abilities, and that implies she’s no more peculiar to the spotlight – similar as Tharita, yet in various ways.

Then again, not much is well had some significant awareness of Tharita’s dad, Franco Catullé, yet his effect on her life has been enormous. He offered resolute help for Tharita’s fantasies and aspirations, sustaining her imaginative soul and empowering her to seek after her interests.

Growing up encompassed by her mom’s showbiz world probably filled Tharita’s affection for films and narrating. Her folks imparted in her the significance of depending on her instinct and striving to accomplish her objectives. With such imaginative and strong guardians close by, it’s no big surprise Tharita succeeds in her part in the entertainment world today.

Tharita Cesaroni Husband

Tharita Cesaroni’s better half is, in all honesty, the eminent entertainer and artist, Dermot Mulroney. Their romantic tale started in 2008 when they sealed the deal. Before Tharita, Dermot was hitched to entertainer Catherine Quicker for quite a long time, however their marriage reached a conclusion in 2007.

Notwithstanding the difficulties of exploring connections at the center of attention, Dermot and Tharita tracked down comfort in one another’s organization. With a common enthusiasm for the entertainment world, their association developed further over their shared love for narrating and film.

Dermot’s steady nature has been instrumental in Tharita’s excursion as a cinematographer and film maker. Together, they structure a delightful family and keep on valuing their bond while embracing the wizardry of filmmaking.

Tharita Cesaroni Career

Tharita Cesaroni’s excursion into the universe of film was roused by her mom, who was both an entertainer and a vocalist. Growing up encompassed by films and music, Tharita fostered a profound love for media outlets since early on. Her energy drove her to seek after acting, and she made her presentation in the film “Sin of Blamelessness.”

In this manner, Tharita landed jobs in remarkable motion pictures like “Youthful Firearms” and “Where the Day Takes You.” These early acting encounters gave her priceless experiences into the filmmaking system and assisted her with fostering a sharp comprehension of narrating.

In spite of the difficulties that accompany filmmaking, Tharita tracked down delight in being important for accounts that could bring out different feelings in crowds. Her time before the camera established a strong starting point for her change to working in the background.

Drawing from her acting foundation, Tharita used her insight and abilities to succeed as a film maker and cinematographer. Her excursion from acting to filmmaking displayed her adaptability and commitment to the specialty, acquiring her acknowledgment in the entertainment world.

Tharita Cesaroni Social Media

Tharita Cesaroni isn’t one to flood your web-based entertainment feed with refreshes about her life. Dissimilar to numerous other individuals of note who share everything about, Tharita values her security. You won’t find her posting various pictures or stories on stages like Instagram or Facebook.

All things being equal, Tharita likes to keep her own life hidden, saving those extraordinary minutes for her as well as her friends and family. It resembles having a prized photograph collection at home, where recollections are kept close and shared exclusively with those nearest to you. By avoiding online entertainment, Tharita keeps up with the closeness of her life and family, making those minutes considerably more valuable.


  • Early Career: Tharita Cesaroni began her career in the film industry as an actress, appearing in films such as “Sin of Innocence,” “Young Guns,” and “Where the Day Takes You.” These early experiences in front of the camera provided her with valuable insights into filmmaking.
  • Transition to Filmmaking: Despite finding success as an actress, Tharita transitioned to working behind the scenes as a filmmaker and cinematographer. Drawing from her acting background, she brought a unique perspective to her work, understanding the nuances of storytelling and character development.
  • Collaborations: Tharita Cesaroni has collaborated with various teams and filmmakers throughout her career, contributing her expertise to a wide range of projects. Her versatility and dedication to her craft have made her a sought-after talent in the industry.
  • Family Life: Tharita Cesaroni’s family life with husband Dermot Mulroney is often private, but their enduring relationship and shared passion for filmmaking have been a source of inspiration for many. They have successfully balanced their personal and professional lives while raising their children.
  • Recognition: While Tharita Cesaroni may not seek the spotlight, her contributions to the film industry have not gone unnoticed. She has earned praise and recognition for her work behind the camera, solidifying her reputation as a skilled filmmaker and cinematographer.


Tharita Cesaroni, a prominent figure in the film industry, has made significant contributions as both a filmmaker and cinematographer. Born in Milan, Italy, in 1973, Tharita’s passion for storytelling led her to pursue a career in filmmaking. She holds a Master’s degree in film production from the University of Southern California, where she honed her skills and gained valuable insights into the art of filmmaking. Tharita’s talent behind the camera has earned her recognition and praise within the industry.

Tharita is best known for her partnership with actor Dermot Mulroney, whom she married in 2008. Together, they have three children. Despite being in the public eye, Tharita values her privacy and maintains a low profile on social media, preferring to keep her personal life private.

With a net worth estimated between $1 million and $2 million, Tharita’s success in the film industry reflects her dedication and passion for storytelling. Her journey from a curious child in Milan to a respected filmmaker exemplifies the power of determination and pursuit of one’s dreams.


Who is Tharita Cesaroni?

Tharita Cesaroni is an Italian filmmaker and cinematographer known for her contributions to the film industry. She is also recognized as the spouse of actor Dermot Mulroney.

What is Tharita Cesaroni’s net worth?

Tharita Cesaroni’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million, reflecting her success and achievements in the film industry.

What is Tharita Cesaroni’s educational background?

Tharita Cesaroni pursued her passion for filmmaking by obtaining a Master’s degree in film production from the University of Southern California.

Who is Tharita Cesaroni married to?

Tharita Cesaroni is married to actor Dermot Mulroney. They tied the knot in 2008 and have three children together.

Does Tharita Cesaroni have a presence on social media?

Tharita Cesaroni maintains a low profile on social media and prefers to keep her personal life private, avoiding frequent updates or posts.

What is Tharita Cesaroni’s height and appearance?

Tharita Cesaroni stands between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 4 and a half inches tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. She maintains a private life, focusing more on her work than her appearance.

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