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Joan Lin, Jackie Chan’s partner, entered the world on January 30, 1953, making her 69 years young. With a remarkable career spanning over 100 movies and television shows, she’s established herself as a prominent Taiwanese actress.

Who is Joan Lin?

Being hitched to somebody amazingly renowned and achieved can once in a while eclipse your own accomplishments, diminishing your character to just “the mate of this and that.” This can cause you to feel like your singularity is being ignored and your value is exclusively attached to your accomplice’s prosperity.

In any case, many individuals view the impact and eminence that accompany such a marriage as a fair compromise. For Joan Lin, in spite of her amazing vocation with north of 70 films added to her repertoire, she’s many times principally perceived as the spouse of the eminent entertainer and double Jackie Chan. Yet, we should dig further into the narrative of this skilled Taiwanese entertainer.

Joan Lin Bio 

Lin Feng-Jiao, realized by her stage name Joan Lin, is a famous Taiwanese entertainer celebrated for her enrapturing execution in the heartfelt show “The Story of a Genuine Town.”

Brought into the world in 1953 in Taipei, Taiwan, Joan experienced childhood in a huge group of five kin, confronting critical monetary difficulties. Because of their troublesome conditions, she needed to forego tutoring at 12 years old to assist with running a ranch under cruel circumstances.

In spite of these early difficulties, not entirely settled to seek after an acting vocation. At 19 years old, she handled her leading edge job, getting recognition for her exhibition and rapidly earning more film offers. Her devotion and ability before long made her a conspicuous figure in Taiwan’s media outlet.

During the 1980s, Joan ran into entertainer Jackie Chan. Following their marriage, she settled on the choice to resign from acting to zero in on their family and friends and family.

Joan Lin Wiki 

Full NameJoan Lin Feng-jiao
Date of BirthJune 30, 1953
Place of BirthTaipei
Age66 years
Height1.65 meters
ProfessionActress (retired)
SpouseChan Kong-sang (Jackie Chan)

Joan Lin Age

Joan Lin was born on June 30, 1953. Currently, she is 69 years old and will be celebrating her 70th birthday in 2023.

Joan Lin Height 

Joan Lin stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall, just like her husband.She was a stunningly beautiful woman in her youth, and she has only grown more graceful with age.Her captivating features include brown eyes and dark hair.

Joan Lin Family

Joan Lin’s assurance and enthusiasm impelled her to turn into a fruitful Taiwanese entertainer, where she encountered her most memorable love, Jackie Chan. Together, they fabricated a wonderful family.

Jackie Chan, conceived Chan Kong-sang, is a worldwide prestigious Hong Kong military craftsman, entertainer, maker, chief, vocalist, and double. His novel combative techniques battling style, utilization of ad libbed weapons, and inventive tricks have charmed crowds around the world.

Known for his perfect comedic timing and charming screen presence, Jackie Chan is loved by individuals, all things considered. With north of fifty years in media outlets and in excess of 150 movies surprisingly, Jackie Chan is a genuine force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

A portion of his most notorious motion pictures incorporate “Busy time,” “Police Story,” “Tipsy Expert,” “Supercop,” “Task A,” “Mr. Decent Person,” “Thunder in the Bronx,” and “The Prohibited Realm.”

Joan Lin and Jackie Chan are pleased guardians to their child, Jaycee Chan, who has emulated his folks’ example. Jaycee is cutting out his own way as an American vocalist and entertainer in media outlets.

 Joan Lin career 

Naturally introduced to a family confronting destitution, Joan Lin experienced critical difficulties during her early stages. In spite of these obstructions, she was resolved not to allow her conditions to characterize her future. As a teen, she started searching out acting open doors, blooming into a momentous young lady.

Joan made her big-screen debut in 1973 with the kung fu film “The Legend of Chiu Chow.” Her ability immediately radiated through, securing herself as a noticeable entertainer all through the 1970s, taking on different jobs.

Her vocation arrived at its top in 1979 when she featured as a quiet young lady in “The Story of a Modest community.” Her strong, sincerely charged presentation procured her basic recognition and the “Best Driving Entertainer” grant at the sixteenth Brilliant Pony Grants. That very year, she additionally showed up in “Wang Yang Zhong De Yi Tiao Chuan.”

By the last part of the 1970s, Joan Lin had become perhaps of Taiwan’s most conspicuous entertainer. She resigned from acting in the mid 1980s in the wake of getting hitched, deciding to zero in on her family and friends and family.

Joan Lin net worth 

Purportedly worth around $5 million, Joan Lin partakes in a sumptuous way of life that mirrors her prosperity as both an entertainer and financial backer. While her union with Jackie Chan, quite possibly of the most affluent Asian performer, adds to her monetary prosperity, Joan has additionally taken critical steps in building her own fortune.

As indicated by a report by Today, Joan is known for her lavish shopping propensities, especially at a top of the line store where she goes a little overboard roughly NT$500,000 (S$24,000) on dress two times every year, utilizing a dark card. This means a yearly consumption of NT$1 million (S$49,000), hoisting her to big name status at the store. This is only one illustration of how she smoothly enjoys her riches.

Social Media:

While Joan Lin decides to get a position of safety far from the buzz of virtual entertainment, her significant other, Jackie Chan, is a remarkable inverse. He’s effectively connected on different stages, offering fans the most recent updates and in the background bits of knowledge into his life and vocation. To remain associated and get a brief look at Jackie Chan’s reality, fans can follow him on his authority web-based entertainment accounts.

  • Instagram: @jackiechan
  • Twitter: @EyeOfJackieChan
  • Facebook: Jackie Chan
  • YouTube: Jackie Chan


Date of Birth: Joan Lin, born Lin Feng-Jiao, was born on June 30, 1953, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Career: She is a celebrated Taiwanese actress known for her roles in over 100 movies and television shows, including the heartfelt drama “The Story of a Small Town.”

Marriage: Joan Lin is married to the renowned actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan, known for his iconic roles in numerous Hollywood films.

Family: She and Jackie Chan have a son named Jaycee Chan, who has followed in his parents’ footsteps as an American singer and actor.

Retirement: After her marriage to Jackie Chan in the 1980s, Joan Lin retired from acting to focus on her family and loved ones.

Net Worth: Joan Lin is reportedly worth around $5 million, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle reflective of her successful career as an actress and investor.


Joan Lin, a prominent Taiwanese actress, rose to fame through her captivating performances in numerous films and television shows. Despite facing significant challenges in her early years, she pursued her passion for acting and became a notable figure in Taiwan’s entertainment industry. Her marriage to Jackie Chan brought her additional recognition, although she chose to retire from acting to prioritize her family. With a net worth of approximately $5 million, Joan Lin continues to lead a lavish lifestyle, reflecting her success both on and off the screen.


Q: When was Joan Lin born?

A: Joan Lin was born on June 30, 1953, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Q: What is Joan Lin known for?

A: Joan Lin is known for her prolific career as a Taiwanese actress, with roles in over 100 movies and television shows, including “The Story of a Small Town.”

Q: Who is Joan Lin married to?

A: Joan Lin is married to Jackie Chan, the renowned actor and martial artist known for his roles in Hollywood films.

Q: Does Joan Lin have any children?

A: Yes, Joan Lin and Jackie Chan have a son named Jaycee Chan, who is an American singer and actor.

Q: What is Joan Lin’s net worth?

A: Joan Lin is reportedly worth around $5 million, attributed to her successful career as an actress and investor.

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